Because Every order on Ecomartist is custom and needs back and forth with the customer to get their feedback and approval, We recommend setting a longer "delivery time" inside your facebook business manager. 

To set longer deliver time  navigate to Facebook "account quality" page

Then Choose "Facebook Account" on the sidebar 

Then Scroll the page and find "Pages" and choose the page you are using to sell Ecomartists products. If you are using multiple pages, make sure to repeat this process for each and every fb page. 

You will be able to see your current Score, you want to make sure you never fall below a score of 2.0 

To Set a longer deliver time, scroll this current "feedback page", torwards the bottom of the page, and look for "Set your Delivery Time"

Change to "8 Weeks" , to make sure fb does not send out feedback surveys before the customer even gets the product. 

*IMPORTANT: it does not take 8weeks for your custom to receive their product, however this will give enough time and push back when facebook sends their feedback survey.